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​Business Services

Target market

Everythink is targeting all businesses, in particular micro and small business owners and managers, preferably in the Gunnedah district, who are seeking a knowledgeable and reliable partner for  assistance and guidance toward meeting individualised goals. 


We have worked with many individuals and businesses in a wide variety of industries, including primary producers, retail, trades, hospitality, service and professional; operating in private commercial, not-for-profit and government bodies.

We partner with Xero and MYOB


Sustainability plan

Environmental/resource impacts

There will be very little environmental impact from Everythink.  At all times recycling and best use of environmentally friendly products, such as paper, will be considered.  


Community impact & engagement

As part of a sustainably aware business all efforts will be made to ensure the betterment of the community will be considered within Everythink and also when working with clients.  I am an enthusiastic advocate of business investment in the wider community.  When businesses work together to benefit the culture and wellbeing of the broader community the outcomes are often also beneficial for the business itself.  This concept is growing strength with the advent of the quadruple bottom line concept businesses are increasingly adopting.

Treena Daniells is currently on committees of -

  • Gunnedah and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Economic Development Working Group of Gunnedah Shire Council


In the past have been a board member on a variety of committees -

  • Business Partner Program with Gunnedah Shire Council,

  • Whitehaven Coal Community Consultative Committee,

  • Gunnedah District Development Board Executive,

  • Montessori Preschool - Gunnedah

  • Rotary Club of Galston,

  • Community Housing and Neighbourhood Centres in Toowoomba and Cairns


Legal considerations

As a member of CPA Australia I am responsible for upholding the strict code of conduct as set by them.  The accounting standards required by this professional body must be maintained in all areas. 


Upholding the Australian Taxation Office and ASIC laws and guidelines will guide all statutory compliance, tax, business and financial work completed.


Partnerships with industry related businesses, such as software or finance and insurance companies will be entered into in a lawfully compliant manner with clients’ best interests considered.



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